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Stuff on My Cat: The Book
Mario GarzaIt began with a handful of digital photographs of office supplies, toys, and spare computer parts thoughtfully placed on Mario Garza's snoozing cat, Love. Over time, the objects became bigger: remote controls, shoes, empty pizza boxes. And then cat owners everywhere were sucked into the Internet phenomenon that is defined by a simple motto: stuff + cats = awesome. From (the amazingly popular website that redefines hilarious and that was named one of the coolest sites of the year by Yahoo! And GQ magazine) comes Stuff On My Cat: The Book. Culled from the thousands of outrageous photographs submitted by mischievous animal lovers, here are 200 of the most unbelievably entertaining images of cats with all manner of things on them: wigs, Easter eggs, dogs, cheeseburgers, cookware, gummi bears, action figures, tiaras, beer cans, pinecones, a statue of the Buddha, and much more. An introduction by the site's creator explains the Stuff on My Cat philosophy, and playful illustrations and graphics are sprinkled throughout. Just try to keep a straight face.
Mad for Decades: 50 Years of Forgettable Humor from MAD Magazine
The Usual Gang of IdiotsSynopsis In the embarrassing tradition of MAD About the Fifites, MAD About the Sixties, MAD About the Seventies, MAD About the Eighties, and MAD About the Nineties comes this inevitable and shameless repackaging of the absolutely worst stuff from all five books. MAD for Decades is a ridiculous look back at a ridiculous half century that you're sure to find ridiculous-because it was and is. Ridiculous, we mean.
Dick and Jane and Vampires
Laura MarchesaniWhen innocent Dick and Jane meet a creepy, cape-wearing vampire, the unexpected happens: he becomes their friend! This title borrows from the classic stories and art we all know and love, but adds an of-the-moment twist: a vampire, illustrated in the classic Dick and Jane-style. It's a mashup kids and adults alike are sure to love.
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
Baron Munchausen
The Onion Book of Known Knowledge: A Definitive Encyclopaedia Of Existing Information
The OnionAre you a witless cretin with no reason to live? Would you like to know more about every piece of knowledge ever? Do you have cash? Then congratulations, because just in time for the death of the print industry as we know it comes the final book ever published, and the only one you will ever need: The Onion's compendium of all things known.

Replete with an astonishing assemblage of facts, illustrations, maps, charts, threats, blood, and additional fees to edify even the most simple-minded book-buyer, THE ONION BOOK OF KNOWN KNOWLEDGE is packed with valuable information-such as the life stages of an Aunt; places to kill one's self in Utica, New York; and the dimensions of a female bucket, or "pail." With hundreds of entries for all 27 letters of the alphabet, THE ONION BOOK OF KNOWN KNOWLEDGE must be purchased immediately to avoid the sting of eternal ignorance.
America (The Book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction
Jon Stewart, The Writers of The Daily ExclusivesFeaturing a foreword by Thomas Jefferson, a Dress the Supreme Court layout, and, oddly enough, a profile of George "The Iceman" Gervin, America (The Book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction, from Jon Stewart and the writers of the Emmy Award-winning The Daily Show, is by far one the most irreverent and wittiest (and may we add smartest) political book you're likely to encounter. spoke with Jon Stewart a few days before the 2004 publication of America (The Book) and they discussed bald eagles, magical talking cats, Thor Heyerdahl, and much more &#8226 Read the Interview with Jon Stewart &#8226 Listen to the Interview with Jon Stewart &#8226 Watch a "vintage" Exclusive Video from Jon StewartMore from Jon Stewart Naked Pictures of Famous People America (The Book) [Audio CD] The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Indecision 2004 [DVD