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Pomerania Place Name Indexes: Identifying Place Names Using Alphabetical and Reverse Alphabetical Indexes
Roger P. Minert
Mission to Pomerania, Where Bonhoeffer Met the Holocaust - A History and Traveler's Journal
Jane PejsaA historical review of places that define the last years of Dietrich Bonhoeffer's freedom, all located in former German Pomerania, now Polish Pomorze. This second edition also is a guide leading the traveler to each of six sites and includeshotel and restaurant accomodations as recommended by the group of nine Americans who made the pilgrimage in 1996.
The Polish Way: A Thousand-Year History of the Poles and Their Culture
Adam ZamoyskiThis title is now out of print. Please see Adam Zamoyski's new book POLAND: A HISTORY, available September 1, 2012.