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I Am Plastic, Too: The Next Generation of Designer Toys
Paul BudnitzThe designer toy explosion continues in Kidrobot’s second book, I Am Plastic, Too, which features a worldwide survey of the newest, rarest, and most sought-after toys. By offering designers, comic book artists, illustrators, and graffiti artists a new outlet for their creative energies, these toys become miniature works of art, collected and coveted by fans everywhere. Showcasing examples from more than 140 artists and companies from six continents, this book includes images of scarce, limited-edition toys and extensive interviews with 13 of the hottest designers working today. Many of the most popular creators from the first book are back, along with new faces such as Amanda Visell, Brandt Peters, eBoy, Jon Burgerman, Kathie Olivas, and Tara McPherson.

Praise for I Am Plastic, Too:

"The scope of these plastic critters, which range from the abstract to the downright lewd . . . is wonderfully surveyed." —The New York Times
I Am Plastic: The Designer Toy Explosion
Paul BudnitzIn barely a decade, the designer toy craze, which originated in Hong Kong, has taken the world by storm. Children and adults, celebrities and design aficionados now line up to pay anywhere from five dollars to thousands of dollars for these highly inventive designer creations.

I Am Plastic provides a colorful visual history of the phenomenon, which has energized not only the toy world but the global art community as well. Fashion designers, comic book artists, underground illustrators, graffiti and fine artists now lend their creativity to the task of coming up with innovative and striking new toy designs. Artists and toys featured in this stunning overview include Frank Kozik, Dalek, Gary Baseman, Bounty Hunter, Junko Mizuno, Jason Siu, Devilrobots, and Pete Fowler.
Treasures from the Misty Mountains
James H. GillamThis volume is a treasury of all things related to, and produced in honor of, the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Art and Design of Gama-Go
Greg Long, Chris Edmundson, Tim BiskupComplete, up-to-date cataloging of all of Gama-Go's designs from the past 6 years. Design radicals Gama-Go started with six t-shirts printed in a basement. Now hundreds of stores worldwide carry limited edition bags, pillows, clocks, clothes and toys. Gama-Go's unconventional worldwide success is led by its founders' humor, bold color palette, and witty take on everyday life. Gama-Go can be found in premiere boutiques around the globe. Images include: • All limited editions • Early designs • Rare images • 400 pages of the stunning designs of Gama-Go A must for fans of Gama-Go, design professionals, and collectors of pop culture imagery.
Clutter Magazine #12
Miranda O'Brien, Nick Carroll, Geoff Whitehouse, Chonny Echert, Phil Corbett, Neil O'Rourke, Triclops Studio, James Yuen, Chris Burt, Eddi PriceClutter Magazine #12 PUNK ROCK POSTER GIRL TARA MCPHERSON JULIE WEST PLAYBEAST Clutter Magazine is a quarterly publication that caters to the world of underground designer toys and the artists that create them. After emerging in Japan in the late 1990s, the toy scene has gone global, led by companies such as Toy2R, Kidrobot, and Medicom, and Clutter is the first English language magazine to showcase them. Since the world of designer toys has crossed over into many other mediums the magazine also covers other areas relating to design including graffiti, shoes, comics, animation, and film. The magazine's website, provides breaking news and in depth information aimed at satisfying even the most avid collector's appetite for toys.
Clutter Magazine Issue #11
Miranda O'Brien, Nick Carroll, Geoff Whitehouse, Andy B, James Yuen, John Gallagher, Kenn Munk, Kirsty Hillyer, Triclops Studio, Richard KuochThe "Robots, Guns & Girls" issue with cover art by Ashley Wood. Contents include: Ashley Wood, Bigshot Toyworks, Buff Monster, Luke Chueh, Hicalorie, SDCC with Triclops, myplasticheart NYC, Kaiju Explosion, and Kaiju Customs.
Clutter Magazine Issue #14
Miranda O'Brien, Nick Carroll, Geoff Whitehouse, Chonny Echert, Mike Maraldo, Andy B, Chelsea HurmsonThe "Eat My Dust" issue with cover art by ilovedust. Contents include: ilovedust, Hello Brute, Guy McKinley, Kuso Toys, Quality Control, Betso, Toy Shopping in Japan, UK Dunny Series Lunch including interviews with Triclops, Peskimo, Doktor A, and McFaul, Dave White, Mad Barbarians, Jim Koch, and Devil Robots Recommend.
Clutter Magazine Issue #15
Miranda O'Brien, Andy B, Baykiddead, Chris Dobson, Triclops StudioThe "Gods and Monsters" issue with cover art by Jeff Lamm. Contents include: Jeff Lamm, Dead Presidents, Designer Toy Awards, Lou Pimentel, Lash, Carlos Enriquez-Gonzalez, Monster Worship, Leecifer, The London Police, Lana Crooks, L'amour Supreme x Mishka, Itokin Park, Fark, and K.olin Tribu.
Clutter Magazine Issue #16
Miranda O'Brien, Andy B, Devin LawsonThe "Designer Toy Awards 2011" issue with cover art by Pete Fowler. Contents include: Pete Fowler, The DTA's 2011, Sucklord, 3D Printing, Blamo Toys, 64 Colors, FriendsWithYou, Paul Shih, Josh Herbolsheimer, and The Fort.
Clutter Magazine Issue #17
Miranda O'Brien, Andy B, John Stokes, Andrew Hayward, Amy Greenwood, Nick Curtis, Jim Crawford"The Future is Stupid" issue with cover art by Frank Kozik. Contents include: Frank Kozik, Circus Posterus, Paul Kaiju, Jason Freeny, Kidrobot 10th Anniversary, Chris Ryniak, Shawnimals, Shea Brittian, Skinner, Velocitron, and War Toys.
Clutter Magazine Issue #18
Miranda O'Brien
Hi-Fructose Collected Edition 3 Box Set
Annie Owens, AttaboyA limited edition box set featuring prints, extras, and compiling material from issues 9-12 of the best-selling magazine Hi-Fructose. The book is a thick 300+ page hardcover expanding original material from issues 9-12 of the magazine; packed with intelligent interviews and exposes on leading pop surrealists, street artists and new contemporary artists from all over the world. The following items are available only in the box set: * A die-cut, embossed Snow Yak Mask by Mark Ryden * A fold-out poster by French artist McBess * A sticker book with art by Tara McPherson, Travis Lampe, Bob Dob, Brandi Milne & Luke Chueh * A set of flocked day-glo prints from Junko Mizuno, Skinner & Martin Ontiveros, packaged in a fold-out portfolio display * All contained in an artfully-designed, solid, ribbon-tied deluxe box * Limited to just 2500 copies Artists featured in the book include Sam Gibbons, Tom Haubrick, Tara McPherson, Ekundayo, Liz McGrath, Stella Im Hultberg, Chris Berens, Jeff Gillette, Dan May, Kevin Cyr, Nicolas Di Genova, Andrew Hem, Laurie Hassold, Yosuke Ueno, Bob Dob, Chris Scarborough, Chris Ryniak, Camilla d'Errico, Mandy Greer, Glenn Barr, Charlie Immer, Thomas Doyle, Nicola Verlato, Damon Soule, Tiffany Bozic, Mark Ryden, Brandi Milne, Chet Zar, Brandt Peters, Scott Hove, Mike Shine, Gabriels, Fuco Ueda, Luke Chueh, Travis Lampe, Michael Hussar, Josh Keyes, JinYoung Yu, Todd Schorr and Michael Page.
Hi-Fructose, Vol. 1
Annie OwensHi-Fructose magazine showcases an eclectic mix of underground artists, pop surrealists, emerging and rediscovered countercultures, and awe-inspiring spectacles from around the world. For the first time, this critically acclaimed arts magazine is collected in an expanded hardcover edition, compiling the best of the sought-after, long-sold-out first four volumes. Features the art of Mark Ryden, Tim Biskup, Junko Mizuno, Dave Cooper, Greg "Craola" Simkins, Gary Baseman, Alex Pardee, Gary Taxali, Scott Musgrove, Jeff Soto, Ray Ceasar, JennyBird, Joe Ledbetter, Longo Land, Michael Salter, Fawn Gehweiler Kurt Halsey, Invader, Ron English, Wilfrid Wood, Jim Woodring, Seen, Leslie Reppetaux, Brian McCarty, Attaboy, Saur Kids, Chris Uphues, Kaiju Big Battel, Chris Uphues, PShaw!, Ragnar, Cat Chow, and more.
Hi-Fructose Collected Edition Volume 2 Special Edition Box Set: Under-the-Counter Culture
Attaboy and Annie Owenshe best features, articles, and interviews from the highly sought- after art magazine, Hi-Fructose. Hi-Fructose is an amalgamation of emerging, and established artists, with a spotlight on awe-inspiring spectacles and developing counter cultures from around the world. This thick hardcover book expands the best original material from (the long sold-out) issues 5-8 of the magazine. Packed with intelligent interviews and exposes on leading pop surrealists, street artists, new contemporary artists, and creative artists from Japan & Sweden to Los Angeles & Toronto, Hi-Fructose Collected Volume 2 is a must-have addition to your personal library. This special edition includes: five 8 x 10" embossed spot-varnished prints by Travis Louie, Audrey Kawasaki and others, housed in a specially made portfolio with vellum dividers; three die-cut sticker pages from Hi-Fructose artists included in the collection; and a 24 x 24" "Anatomy of a Balloon Animal" poster by Jason Freeny. Everything comes packaged in a custom clamshell box tied with a ribbon to keep it safe. Artists in Hi-Fructose Collected Volume 2 include: James Jean, Amy Sol, Travis Louie, Camille Rose Garcia, Femke Hiemstra, Audrey Kawasaki, Lori Earley, Jordan Crane, Marion Peck, Edwin Ushiro, David Stoupakis, Mars-1, Mark Jenkins, Paul Pope, KRK Ryden, Brendan Danielsson, Yoko d'Holbachie, Brian Dettmer, Brendan Tang, KMNDZ, Freek Drent, Yoskay Yamamoto, Pars Kid, Kukula, Chris Mars, APAK, Ferris Plock, Gregory Jacobsen, Robert Hardgrave, Barnaby Barford, Amy Casey, Ken Keirns, Xiao Qing, Victor Castillo, Jason D'Aquino, Scott Radke, Naoto Hattori, Jonathan Wayshak, Mike Rea, Oksana Badrack, and more. Hi-Fructose Arts Magazine quarterly was founded by artists Attaboy and Annie Owens in 2005. Not a lifestyle magazine, Hi-Fructose puts its focus squarely on the art which transcends genre and trend, assuring readers thorough coverage and content that is relevant, informative and original. Each beautifully- designed, full- color issue goes beyond the comfort zone of the "alternative" norm to deliver a diverse cross section of the most influential and defining art of our time. Satisfies your cravings for new and unique art, happening just below the radar; Art that informs, rather than follows trends in mainstream media including film, fashion and design.
Plastic Culture: How Japanese Toys Conquered the World
Woodrow PhoenixPlastic toys based on Japanese comics, movies and TV shows from Astro Boy, Godzilla and Gatchaman, to Power Rangers, Sailor Moon and Pokemon, have had a powerful effect on the imaginations and the markets of the West, and have kick-started trends in design and pop culture that have crossed from Japan to the West and back East again.

Lavish full-color photographs of cult, limited-edition, and "designer" toys take us through the postwar period and right up into the present, with a fascinating look at the current vogue for "urban vinyl" and "art" toys. Extensively researched, the book includes interviews with the leading players in today's toy world, including long-established Japanese toymaking giants Kaiyodo and Sanrio, world-famous fine artists and producers of "art" toys Takashi Murakami and Yoshitomo Nara, and cult Hong Kong designers of "urban vinyl" toys Michael Lau and Eric So.

With its blend of incisive analysis and stylish photography, this is a book that will appeal to a wide range of readers: from those interested in the latest trends in contemporary art, to toy collectors young and old, and to anyone with an interest in Japan's influence on contemporary pop culture.
Toys Are Us: A Revolution in Plastic
Brian StillmanSpecial Edition Director's Cut Documentary on designer vinyl toys, where art and commerce collide and enterprising do-it- yourselfers prove that making toys isn't just kid stuff.